Industrial Production: Forest-based sector (Jan-Apr/2020)

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In April 2020, the Brazilian industry felt the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, registering a significant drop in production of 27% in relation to April of the previous year. In relation to the forestry-based industry, the only segment that did not register falls in the month of April was that of Pulp sector, which even had higher production levels in relation to previous years. The Paper and Packaging segment had been following the seasonal curve of previous years during the first quarter, but in April it felt the impact of the pandemic and registered a 4% decrease in relation to the same period in 2019. The Timber and Pig Iron segments, registered a significant drop of 27% between Apr/20 and Apr/19, in a clear demonstration of the significant influence of the restrictive measures in the production of these sectors. The Furniture segment was the most impacted in these first months of the year, reaching an extremely low level of activity in April, 58% below the level registered in April 2019.

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