Industrial Production: Forest-based sector (1st Quarter – 2020)

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In March 2020, Brazilian industry felt the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic, registering a drop of 4% compared to March of the previous year. The forest-based industry showed a distinct behavior in this first quarter among the segments that comprise it. The Pulp and Paper sectors showed a similar evolution to previous years, following a seasonal curve of decline in February and recovery in March, indicating that the sector did not suffer negative effects of COVID 19, even registering, in March, a higher production than in previous years. The Timber and Furniture segments, on the other hand, registered a significant drop of around 12% between mar/20 and mar/19, in a clear demonstration of the negative impact of the pandemic. The Pig Iron segment, despite not registering a fall in the quarter, produced 17% less between mar/20 and mar/19, indicating that, at this moment, its performance is derived much more from a structural set than from the pandemic. It is important to point out that March was the beginning of restrictive measures of production and consumption for the Brazilian industry and consequently, April data will be more adequate to verify the real impact on the economy.

Download PDF version: Consufor_Industrial_Prod_2020_1Q

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