Performance of Forest Investments in Brazil – Part II

– CONSUFOR at O PAPEL Magazine – Read the second part of the article published in the Strategy and Management column of O PAPEL Magazine, and learn more about the CFMV (CONSUFOR Forest Market Value), an index that allows measuring the market value performance of Brazil´s planted forests. Read the complete…

CONSUFOR on the Road!

To provide market information to our clients and conduct economic asset valuations, we cover more than 20,000km, in 2016. This is equivalent to going four times from Oiapoque to Chuí.

In 15 years sawnwood exports have grown 200% in Chile and only 36% in Brazil

      CONSUFOR at PAINEL FLORESTAL. “How would our continental neighbor reach this level? An increase of this magnitude is hardly the result of only one factor”. – Eugenio Pitzahn Jr., Economist and Consultant at CONSUFOR. Only available in Brazilian Portuguese. Read more at PAINEL FLORESTAL. or Download the…

Dicas essenciais para o investimento em florestas e o balanço de mercado da indústria de madeira no Brasil.

Only available in Brazilian Portuguese.