Brazilian Forest Sector Statistics – Sep/2019

– CONSUFOR at O PAPEL Magazine – Keep up with stumpage Pine and Eucalyptus average price evolution, as well as the average prices evolution of wood, pulp and paper. Download: 2019_09_Statistics

Expansion Challenges for the Pulp and Paper Industry in Brazil

CONSUFOR at O PAPEL Magazine 2019 is almost reaching its middle point and the country is still experiencing a wave of uncertainties regarding its present and, especially, its future. Under the comand of a new team in the federal government, the country faces serious difficulties in unblocking the agenda of…

Leveraging of Pulp and Paper Companies Creates Business Opportunities in the Forest Sector

CONSUFOR at O PAPEL Magazine In this issue of O Papel, Marcio Funchal and Adriane Roglin at business consultancy CONSUFOR provide an analysis of financial data on Brazil’s four biggest pulp and paper companies regarding their annual leveraging level between 2015 and 2017. The numbers presented in this article do…

Industrial Production: Forest-based sector

See the evolution of industrial production of Brazilian Forest Sector (pulp, timber, furniture and pig iron segments) in comparison to national industry, from 2002 to 2016.