Exports: Forest-based sector (2020/may)

See the evolution of Brazilian Forest Sector exports (pulp, paper, timber, furniture and pig iron segments), from 2018 to 2020/may. Download PDF version: Consufor_Exports_2020

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and the risks to forest products exports from Brazil

          CONSUFOR at CAMPO & NEGÓCIOS MAGAZINE Only available in Brazilian Portuguese. Read more.

In 15 years sawnwood exports have grown 200% in Chile and only 36% in Brazil

      CONSUFOR at PAINEL FLORESTAL. “How would our continental neighbor reach this level? An increase of this magnitude is hardly the result of only one factor”. – Eugenio Pitzahn Jr., Economist and Consultant at CONSUFOR. Only available in Brazilian Portuguese. Read more at PAINEL FLORESTAL. or Download the…